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Design Competition

Viessmann partners EcoHaus design challenge!

This year’s competition- “EcoHaus”- has challenged UK architects to design an aspirational home to Passivhaus standards for a waterside site owned by the Habitat First Group. And the winning design, as voted by readers of The Sunday Times from the short-list selected by the Panel of Judges chaired by Professor Robert Adam of ADAM Architecture, will be built at one of the waterside sites owned by the Habitat First Group.

Pioneered and developed in Germany Passivhaus is the world’s leading low energy building standard, focussing on the building fabric combined with high levels of insulation and optimal solar gain. Excellent indoor air quality together with high levels of heat recovery are achieved with advanced heat recovery ventilation systems that transfer heat from outgoing stale air to fresh air coming into the house.

Further details:

Technology in harmony with architecture

Leading international manufacturer of heating systems Viessmann has been supplying highly efficient and clean heating systems for decades. Its comprehensive product range encompasses all fuel types and applications allowing it to deliver high quality, efficient and fully integrated solutions. With an output of 1.5 to 120,000 kW, Viessmann offers oil and gas fired boilers, solar thermal and photovoltaics, combined heat and power modules (CHP), ground, air and water sourced heat pumps and biomass boilers. Utilising naturally occurring heat, the comprehensive heat pump range extends from compact units for passive houses to cascaded solutions with several hundred kilowatt output.

Further details:

Designed to comply with passivhaus standards  the winning design will present a new model for lifestyle living. It will be of stunning architectural merit, environmentally smart and offer a healthy environment for the occupants. Designs are invited for both the individual home and group of homes demonstrating how the design is capable of combining private and public space at a waterfront location.

Intention to build

It is the intention of The Awards Organisers and Habitat First Group to develop the winning design at one or more of the Group’s sites.


The Programme, which may be subject to variation, is:

  • Brief available Now
  • Questions deadline 28 March
  • Registration confirmation 4 April
  • Submissions by 2 May
  • First stage Assessment 20 May
  • Shortlist announced 6 June
  • Shortlist published 22 June
  • Result announced 19 September
  • Schemes published 28 September

Any questions submitted together with the appropriate response are presented on the Design Brief FAQ’s Page