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The lifetime is an evolving place for living and as a home, it grows and responds to the flux of a family, whilst meeting Lifetime Homes standards. Simply increase by adding a second/third bedroom through our pod system or when the time comes to reduce, the house can be easily separated into two smaller one bedroom dwelle.ings.

The quality of the buildings are controlled by manufacturing off-site; this helps to reduce and reuse waste far more effectively, allowing the buildings to be affordable. Sections are made and transported to site and assembled in a matter of a couple of weeks. The dwelle.ings are living ready, with plenty of light and storage.

We are conscious of all aspects of sustainability, so materials and components are carefully and ethically sourced for our buildings. This means we tread lightly upon the environment and the dwelle.ings can achieve high levels of sustainability in both construction and operation. There is also the choice to add renewable energies making it totally zero-carbon.

From £89,000 you can have a spacious, healthy and intelligent eco-home which can be personalised to meet individual requirements.


265 Wilmslow Road
M14 5LN

Tel: 0161 225 4000
Contact: Ric Frankland