The British Homes Awards


The charm and character of Witney provided the inspiration for this scheme by Bower Mapson. It researched the town, which is notable for its mix of winding ‘living’ streets and contrasting, individual public spaces, and has sought to recreate elements of it in this project, which provides homes for a broad range of customers, from first time buyers to families.

A combination of winding streets, strategic spaces and views, along with features such as the clock tower undercroft, seating, bridges, larger landmark buildings and gateway pinch points create a pleasant place that is easily negotiable. Another key feature of the scheme is its central landmark square.

The palette of materials for the scheme has also been influenced by the local Witney detail. The majority of walling uses reconstructed stone, and there is limited use of brick and render facades, some using plinths. Various buildings in the scheme feature stone detailing, such as a full cast porch. Roof coverings also reflect the local mix and comprise plain clay tiles, slate and reconstructed reducing course stone slates

It was agreed that specialist extra care housing would be provided alongside the development, so a design brief was prepared for a two-acre plot which has been sold to a housing association.


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