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Islington First

Packington Square marks the start of a housing estate’s transformation into a mixed-use neighbourhood with green space and family homes. The major regeneration is led by the Hyde Group in partnership with Rydon Construction. Over eight years Hyde is creating 819 homes as well as commercial premises that will form a mixed tenure neighbourhood with its own retail, community and youth facilities.

Under the first phase Hyde has built 127 homes to re-house residents of 1970s system-built blocks that were structurally unsound and poorly designed. Two six-storey apartment blocks run parallel to the Regent’s Canal, flanked by a new canalside park. A terrace of new family houses echoes the proportions and elegance of the classic Islington townhouse, but with a contemporary interpretation of period style. There is also a new youth centre and adventure playground, developed in close consultation with the young people who use the facilities, plus a small commercial workshop building.

The community has been involved in the scheme since its inception, with residents voting overwhelmingly in favour of the regeneration proposals and helping in every stage of the design process.

The homes, designed by Pollard Thomas Edwards architects, have generous space standards and all have private outdoor space. The houses provide much needed accommodation for previously overcrowded households. Many of the apartments are dual aspect, and as many as possible have waterside views.

The redevelopment aims to enhance the local environment by establishing a green corridor along the canal. Green roofs on apartment blocks continue the green corridor above ground level.

Alongside the rebuilding, Hyde has invested in the social and economic regeneration of the area. Measures have included training some Packington Square residents as debt and money advisors and working with the Prince’s Trust to give 12 young people a start in construction industry careers.


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