The British Homes Awards


The Stack House is designed to fit the maximum single FutureForm module width of 4.2m and adopts a long, thin building form often associated with the traditional townhouse. The steel framed modules stack either side of the stair core in a split level section thereby minimising internal circulation and creating variety in levels and room heights. Continue reading


Intrinsic Simplicity

The continued success of eighteenth and nineteenth century terraced housing can be attributed to many things, not least familiarity and cultural acceptance. However, undeniably the intrinsic simplicity and flexibility of design is fundamental to their popularity and relevance. This proposal for a future townhouse looks directly to these antecedents, and seeks to apply some of the lessons that can be learned in a way appropriate to current regulations, aesthetics and technical and economic concerns. Continue reading


The House and a Half takes its lead from its traditional ancestor. The house is not an object but part of a continual façade. Proportions are always vertically and formally arranged. Openings in the dark brick are trimmed in thin white crisp frames. The front door opens directly onto the street, giving a sense of ownership and clarity. The main living space is on the first floor at the front, with the highest proportion. Continue reading


Georgian Townhouses

What is it about Georgian townhouses that we love so much? They are adaptable, they are built with proportions that feel good, with high ceilings and large windows. They are light-filled, yet solid, using materials that improve with age, they are beautifully decorated and when built in terraces create an elegant street scene that evokes a sense of pride. Above all they are loved by everybody. Continue reading


Design Ethos

The design ethos for Santiago is grounded in the idea of a home being within a community, which requires a degree of flexibility to meet the different needs of the occupants. Therefore, accommodation is designed to Lifetime Homes standard, complies with level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes and seeks to provide the friendliness of the familiar with a modern concept of sustainable living for future communities. Continue reading