The British Homes Awards


Dark and Light

The winner in this category already lays claim to a first: the first bronze clad private residential project in the UK. The bespoke five bedroom, four bathroom sustainably resourced bronze clad house was designed by Burrell Architects.

The project replaced a 1930s-built bungalow and faced considerable resistance from the local planning authority in its earliest stages. However, the architect worked with CABE and regional body Inspire East to put the scheme through a public review, which usually only takes place for large multi-unit housing schemes. The project was supported by the design review and following negotiation with local planners was approved in eight weeks under delegated powers.

The architect researched the area to ensure the proposal fitted with the character of the street and its surroundings, while at the same time illustrating how modern architecture can integrate into and enhance its context. This was achieved by maintaining the pitched roofed continuity of the other properties in the area and by keeping the entrance central to the house.

What differentiates the house is its bespoke use of materials, techniques, design and layout. The 6,500 sq ft house has two wings with a large central atrium, opening up onto a large landscaped garden. The central reception area is the main focus of the house and has black curtain walling, which permits natural light to enter the house. The house was designed to use natural light as much as possible, and has one wing offset at an angle to allow the movement of the sun to be captured at all times of the day. The black walling also maximises solar gain and so reduces the need for mechanical heating.

The house has underfloor heating and a ventilation stack.


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