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This 1930’s property is a grand house that was desperately in need of modernisation. Its owners both worked and had four children and led a very different lifestyle to the one for which the building was designed. The house’s finishes and interiors needed updating and the kitchen was gloomy. None of the rooms had a good visual connection to the garden. There was nowhere to eat in the kitchen and the dining space was too far away. These were just some of the home’s shortcomings.

To remedy them, Gregory Phillips Architects came up with a solution that involved reorganising and interior design of all ground floor space of the house, a rear extension, and the refurbishment of first floor bedrooms.

The construction of a small extension at the middle of the rear façade facilitated the creation of a connecting space that links all the major ground floor rooms. This connecting space spans the length of the rear of the house and is 27 metres long. It provides long views within the house and a strong connection between interiors and garden. This linking space is completed visually at one end by the bespoke fish tank in the kitchen, and at the other end by the baby grand piano with adjacent colour-changing light box.

The project created: a decent size kitchen for family living and entertaining; a grand entrance hall separated from the living space by a sliding screen; a separate but linked dining and drawing room also equipped with a screen; a music room connected to the living space; five pairs of new doors to the rear façade and views to the garden; a newly located library; and a newly located leather-walled television room. The connection of the spaces within the house allows for spaces to work intimately or to be opened up to create entertaining spaces.

Rationalisation of the space in the house was only achievable because of the innovative structural design and the removal of a second staircase. This necessitated a reconfiguration of the means of escape in the house in order to comply with Building Regulations. The project incorporates a host of custom designed features such as the sliding screens, a bench in the music room and the fireplace in the drawing room. The home has also been fitted with a range of advanced technology, including a bespoke LED floor lighting system in the corridor, the light box in the music room, and Lutron and Crestron integrated lighting and audio-visual systems.


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