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Hillside Hub is the final stage in the Hyde Group’s radical transformation of the once notorious Stonebridge estate. Residents helped to design the landmark environmentally friendly building, which includes a state of the art health centre, convenience store, community hall, dance studio, small business facilities, relaxing garden and coffee shop. The community facilities host a range of activities including after school clubs, older person’s forum, Into Work and IT training, dance and martial arts classes and celebrations, community parties and other functions. The scheme incorporates 69 apartments for rent, shared ownership and sale. Originally the different functions within the building were to be housed in different buildings on different sites. But scheme designer Edward Cullinan Architects promoted what it called a mixed-up-use approach to help bring the community together, the overlapping functions becoming a community glue. For example, the café is shared by the community centre and health centre foyers. Each benefits from the other and there is the potential to bring the community together through chance meetings. The architecture is bright, curvaceous and colourful, with horizontal and vertical timber cladding and brick punctuated by splashes of vibrant yellow, orange and reds. Timber is also used inside the building to bring warmth to areas such as the community hall. The end result is friendly and inviting, and the residents of Harlesden agree. The scheme incorporates the first private homes to go on sale in the area and they have been well received.


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